Donate/Get Coins

You could get to this page through a “Donate” button on the top nav bar or the “Get Coins” button in the top right corner near your account info.  It would also be nice to have some kind of image link next to each donation option.

There are currently 3 ways in which you can help support our community in raising money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospital. However you decide to help, you will receive coins in return. You can use these coins on the Live-Streams or in the Coin store to earn prizes and perks.

Donate Directly to Extra-Life
100% of the money given to Extra-Life will go to Children’s Hospitals around the world. And if you donate through my page you will receive 100 coins for every $1 USD you give. You can use these coins to earn games on Steam, raffle tickets on my stream, and much more.

Make sure you hit the blue “Support Me” button and enter your Twitch name in the “message” section when you donate: Donate to Extra-Life

Become a Quest Giver
Quest givers allow us to give awesome prizes to everyone to donates to Extra-Life and are the reason we’re able to raise as much as we do. 100% of the money you donate will go to purchasing incentives for donating to charity.

As a “Thank You”, you’ll also receive coins each week that you remain a Quest Giver subscriber. Sign Up Now: Become a Quest Giver

Donate Diablo 3 Legendaries and Gold

Visit the Live-Stream page and type !help in chat to see who is currently available to receive D3 Gold or UnID Legendary donations. Send them a friend request with “Donation” in the message. Once they add you, you may request invite and donate the items or gold.

You’ll receive 2 coins for every 1 Million gold you donate

Click Here to See the List of Lendaries and their Respective Coin Value

These legendaries will be identified on stream on Sundays at Noon PDT and then given away to viewers.

All viewers will have a chance to win the Legendaries worth 20Mil or less. Viewers can bid on items worth over 20Mil with coins.