Idea for Slider

I was thinking we could display the 3 most recent blog posts in the slider section here.  It would be cool if we could only include blog posts in an “Updates” category, but I’m not sure how hard that is to do.

I figured we can put an “About” page with information on the site, but it doesn’t need to take up valuable home-page space

Stream for Charity is LIVE

Welcome to Stream for Charity.  We’re excited to have the site up and running, but we’re still in Beta and would love your feedback.  Please take a look around the site and let us know what you think

This website is all about growing a community of gamers who are focused on having fun, helping each other, and raising money for charity.  Our official charity is Extra-Life which raises money for Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals.

We currently have 4 streamers on our stream page line-up and the once we fill our last slot there will be a 24/7 stream on the website.  The SFC bot will be in each streamer’s channel, so you’re always earning experience and you can spend the coins you earn on whichever channel you prefer.

We have a lot of options for visitors who are stopping by the website

– Visit the Live-Stream page to see the current SFC streamer and chat with other members of our community

– Click on any of the streamers below to learn more about them.

– Visit the forums for some gaming related discussion.

– Visit the “Videos” page to see recently YouTube videos and Twitch highlights from SFC members

– Click the “Get Coins” button up top to see all the different methods of earning coins by helping us raise money for charity.

– Check out the “Dev Team” page to see the people who created this website and all the functionality for free to help the community

All the site functionality hasn’t been implemented yet, but the dev team continues to work to improve the site.  It’s only going to get better, and your feedback helps us do that.  Visit the forums to let us know how we’re doing =)